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PREMIUM 1000 MG Full Spectrum - 1 OZ
PREMIUM 1000 MG Full Spectrum - 1 OZ

PREMIUM 1000 MG Full Spectrum - 1 OZ

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Inside this beautiful bottle you will enjoy:

1000 Milligrams of Pure-Gradient Full Spectrum Cannabinoids!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is not the only cannabinoid found in the Hemp plant. Our Premium Full Spectrum Oil contains 15 compounds distilled from the hemp plant. CBD constitutes over 78% of this compound break-down, but lesser-recognized compounds with great healing properties, such as Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabidiolic acid synthase (CBDA), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerolic Acid (CBGA), Cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA), Cannabidivarin (CBDV), Cannabricameric Acid (CBCA), and Cannabichromene (CBC) are also included in this product.

All of these compounds are non-psychoactive and WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH.

Our product can also offer vital support to your endocannabinoid system, crucial for reinstating achievable wellness.


We upgraded our manufacturing process by using pure-grade ethanol. Distilling the cannabinoids from the biomass with ethanol results in ZERO residual substances. This is a process few large-scale companies are able to use, thus their product is not able to achieve the highest level of purity.


In order to meet the standards set by the medical community, this product is fully traceable from seed to shelf (check out our QR code). The biomass was locally processed in Michigan and 100% naturally grown with NO pesticides or added chemicals.  

1 Dropper = 33.3 MG of CBD Compounds

Approximately 30 Droppers Per Bottle

100% Guarantee!

Our consensus dose recommendation based on customer feedback is 1 Dropper, taken twice daily. For best effects, take 1-1.5 droppers upon waking in the morning and 0.5 droppers before bed. 

Please consult your doctor or physician before taking, or adjusting the dose.

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