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Alert is a CBD-infused dietary supplement that helps support cognitive functions, including memory, mental speed, and focus.

⬪Helps with flow-state (the feeling of being “in the zone”)
⬪High-quality CO2 manufacturing process for wholesome hemp properties
⬪Third-party, ISO-certified and lab-tested to ensure safety and effectiveness
⬪100% THC-free* and sourced from USA hemp


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Whether you struggle with concentration in everyday life, or you’re an elite performer in search of the next level, Alert is the ultimate all-natural cognitive enhancer. Unlike comparable products, there is no “come-down” effect or grogginess afterwards so you can safely enjoy a narrowing-of-the-mind experience without the falloff.
For best results, we recommend 1 full dropper 30 minutes before your activity. If you have specific questions about usage please send us a text- (616) 344-5225.
This product comes in a 1 OZ tincture with a 1 ML dropper. Like all of our products, our focus is on developing the maximum output with the minimal amount of ingredients: This product uses a MCT oil base, A-pinene and Humulene (the cognitive enhancers), infused with CBD isolate.