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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest grade hemp cannabidiol (CBD) based products on the market. We strive to make products that can help people with chronic pain, disabilities, anxiety, or anyone who wants to improve their general health and get a good night's sleep. We are here to create a global community centered around the benefits of hemp CBD, and to lead and educate the health industry.

Our Story

The Mind Right Organics team, with our partners, have a collective 20 years of entrepreneurship and hemp industry experience. Everyone on our team has worked for large corporations and founded a successful startup. We understand what it feels like to be the leader and the follower; to be the manager and to be managed; we understand the value and liberty of owning your own business, but also the discipline and dedication that goes into building great products and building client relationships.  

Why Buy From Us?

Mind Right Organics was founded with these considerations and experiences mentioned above in mind. We wanted to create an user-friendly platform with outstanding products proven to have a real impact on our clients.

  • We have the highest scientifically engineered and quality tested products
  • We hate scams—don't forget, we're somebody's customer too! Which is why we value our Privacy Policy and our product Quality Guarantee. We treat our clients the way we want other companies to treat us!
  • We strive for great customer service. As we grow we want to maintain our small business feel, so we can always be there for you to answer your questions and manage any issues should they arise.
  • We listen!! We try to engage with our clients for as much feedback as possible so we can continue to deliver innovative products like nothing else on the market.